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Howling Wolf and Medicine Man

Howling Wolf and Medicine Man, originally uploaded by eL hue V.

Painted when it wasn’t raining over the past couple of days with Aja at my spot in Flemington in the parking lot off main street.  The passerbyers were 100% on board luving it.  People flexing thier Native American History knowledge, a lady who collects wolf figurines, who originally told me “I collect wolves!”  I said “That sounds dangerous.” Men working on refurbishing old buildings out there in and out of rain with us, having their lunch break watching us.  It was one of those walls where the process is as enjoyable as the outcome.  Aja’s Crow Medicine Man is her first stencil and is now protecting the wall.  My howling wolf, which I orginally had a referance for and was going to try and go all photoreal on, turned out to be a bit on the free because during one of the downpoars I ran for cover, grabbing my camera only, and the referance got ruined.  The whole wall is a mixture of brushes, rollers, and spray.

check the video…njoy – LUV1

Aja Washington

Throwback Video Arthur Ashe mural

SAGE Collective’s Arthur Ashe Mural from luv1 on Vimeo.

Since we just spent a great evening at the Westin in Princeton for the NJTL of Trenton Fundraiser, and saw this mural up close in person again after a year n a half, here’s the original video.  The image is used on everything NJTL does it seems.  At the gala last week alone I must have seen it reproduced a couple hundred times on different materials.  It was published in Mercer Business News magazine and in a couple tennis magazines.  Never would have thought I’d be seeing it so much after painting it, glad I like it!  Thanks again Rob!