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American Steel Forever

Train Art in America

curated by Leon Rainbow

August 3 – August 31

Opening Reception:  August 3, 7-9pm

American Steel Forever is a celebration of American train art and culture. This goes back to the early 1900’s with Hobo Monikers, The 1970s-90 with NYC subway graffiti and the 1990s to present with the freight train movement. This exhibit will feature a selection of this rich history.

HO / G Scale Model Trains painted/ weathered by artists

Hobo moniker art

Customized Railroad signs

Original Artwork

Installations: Model Railroad Set, Mock Train with Logos and Graffiti

Invited Artists

Alew, Arek, Emer, Esteme, Gent, Hase, Hover, Jumps, Kair, Keptoe, King 157, Lawst, Lume, Mad, Masoe, Meca, Mecro, Naka, Naval, Osek, Part, Penr, Phed, Pike, Pre, Prox, Python, Rasp, Reno, Respo, Rew, Sens, Sexes, Sluto, Soak, Strange, Tre (RIP), Urine, Web, Wein, Wrbt, Wyld

Upcoming Exhibits

Here today, gone…today!

Dropped a real quick piece under two hours while waiting for Mimik to roll out the wall at Jersey Lanes…

On another note, I’ve always been a fan of the “Revamp Project“, so I thought it would be cool to revisit an old outline from back in the day and try to give it new life. This was a freight I painted around 95-96. I tried to maintain to overall letter connections, but give it some new flow. I don’t think I did this experiment justice though. I rushed through it and should have matched the fill colors or design closer. Maybe even the outer flames…oh well. Here is the older piece…