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Burnin’ with Boba Fett

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and have been loving the Mandalorian series and the new Book of Boba Fett series on Disney+. Being a child of the seventies, the first three Star Wars movies will always have a special place in my heart. Even back then, everyone knew Boba Fett was the only bad guy who was so bad ass, you kinda liked him…haha!

Anyway, it’s really cool to see the new series sort of pick up where Return of the Jedi left off almost 40 YEARS AGO! That’s crazy!

I was inspired so I whipped up this sketch…check it out!

Blackbook Sessions

I haven’t kept a traditional graffiti black book in YEARS! I still draw and sketch just to experiment with letters, but don’t really put in the detail work that a good blackbook really demands. Anyway, I had fun rocking this book for the homie, Die Slow. I might have to go back to my roots and break out the markers more often. Check it out!


Hotel Bombin’

I read this blog once about an artist (I think it was Mike Giant) who had a habit of always drawing on the back of those corny art or picture frames you always see in most hotel rooms. It’s basically pointless, but kinda funny if you imagine somebody taking it down one day and just finding this random thing. Anyway, the idea kinda stuck in my head so I thought I’d give it a try on a recent trip I took…