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Will Kasso “Street Legends”

If you live in the Trenton, NJ area you’ve probably seen Will Kasso’s work. His bright, detailed murals decorate the cities walls and abandoned spaces and have turned Trenton into an outdoor art gallery. We sat down with Kasso to discuss his first experiences with art, growing up in Trenton and his philosophy on “illegal” vs legal “murals”.

Nexx (Nexus)

nexx2013Another graffiti piece, this one in my own garage on practice boards. Originally from California, I’ve been doing 3D Wildstyle Graffiti since 1982 Nexx-2007-NJ
This piece was created the 2nd year after moving here from California. (2007)
Nexx-2006-NJA graffiti piece I did my first year after moving here from California. (Patmost Park in Egg Harbor Township, NJ) nexx-1991-California
A much older 3D Wildstyle piece done in California back in 1991.