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Arts on Division

My fellow Fresh Collective brother,Mimik and I did some live painting for Arts on Division in Somerville a few weeks ago. Big shout out to Jerome Gonzalez and everyone at Arts on Division for setting up the event and inviting the Fresh Collective to get down. The panels can be seen on Main Street in Somerville. Check it out…








Getting’ my mitzvah on!

I was recently commissioned to create a custom graffiti mural for a bar mitzvah event in Long Island. Had a good time banging this one out even though building a 30-foot self-standing wall took a little more planning than I expected. Big thanks to Mimik for helping me out with it all. Check it out…

And here are a few shots of the wall in progress of being painted off-site and then constructed at the venue…

Art Basel Miami 2014

We made it down to Miami again for Art Basel 2014. Didn’t do as much planning as in the past, so we just headed down there to see some old friends, make some new ones, paint and party. Here is some of what went down…

Mimik, Wies and I dropped this little collabo at The Train Station gym in Fort Lauderdale.
Next stop was the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood where there was an 80s Miami graffiti crew dedication wall. I  ended up taking this container while all of the crews did their section of a longer wall.

Here is the GPK section of the wall by Mimik, Wies, Broke and Miss Marvel.


As always, gotta give a big shout out to everyone we met and hung out with down there especially my man, Wies GPK for all the hooks up and beers! Til next year…

Art Basel 2013

Mimik and I got a chance to head down to Miami for Art Basel again this year. This was our second year down there and we had a great time painting, hanging with old friends, making some new ones and just enjoying everything Art Basel has to offer. Just like last year, we planned an action packed weekend with lots of painting. Here is a snapshot of what went down.

Day One:
We got a chance to head over to Rolling Stock in Fort Lauderdale again this year. We did a mash-up wall with Wies and Broke of the GPK crew.
Those of you know who Mimik and I personally, know that I’m usually waiting around for ol’ man Mimik to finish painting. Last year at Rolling Stock, I started bombing a few big tires that were lying around, so I decided to drop another one fresh for 2013!! Haha…it’s actually the same exact one from last year because you can see the old “Mimik” piece underneath in the bottom left corner.

We wrapped up the first day by painting an Audi over that would be driving around Wynwood that weekend. We started pretty late in the day and I didn’t get any day time flicks, but here is my portion of it…

Day Two:
We spent most of our second day banging out a collabo between Mimik and myself at the Purvis Young Studio and Gallery in Wynwood. This is the same spot we painted last yea, but this time each crew got a section of the wall to rock. Mimik and I had been experimenting with a mash-up style so we did it again at this wall. Here it is…

Day Three:
Our third day, we actually got to paint another wall at Purvis Young Studio in Wynwood, but this time it was a shorter wall with lots more visibility from the street. The wall had me, Wies GPK, Mimik, Broke GPK and Saen. Definitely had a good times painting with these dudes. Here is the wall…

Here are a bunch of random pics from the weekend. Definitely gotta give respect to everyone who hosted us this year including Wies, Broke and the entire GPK crew, Sharon and Leon at Purvis Young Studio, Ryan at Rolling Stock, Mama Mimik for the endless Cuban food and anybody else I missed. See you next year, Miami…

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