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Peace Mural

We did some prior work for Alex Salguero on the front and inside of the building for his family and business (Classico Auto Glass). After the last commercial project, he asked me to do a mural on the side of the building. When I asked him what he wanted he said something anti-violence promoting peace. […]

Christina Seix Academy

We got the call from Dr. Connor to do a special mural project with the graduating 8th-grade class. We were excited, to say the least. We worked with the art teachers and students to come up with a concept. We wanted to show the different things that they teach at the school and wanted to […]

Rider Diversity Murals

ABOUT THE THREE MURALS This project was in partnership with Rider University’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion and Artworks Trenton. These walls are a product of a site-specific mural project including collaboration among three artists, three Rider students, and three Trenton students, as well as feedback from current students utilizing the Center. Led by Senior … Continue reading Rider Diversity Murals

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Roberto Clemente Pool House

When I moved to Trenton in 1997 the Old Trenton Neighborhood was comprised primarily of Latinos, most of which were Puerto Rican. Leon Rainbow would like to celebrate that heritage of the past but also give a nod to the future. Leon will lead a team of artists and community members to create Two amazing … Continue reading Roberto Clemente Pool House

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