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Day of the Dead Skulls

These are a few skulls I painted recently for an auction to be sold at El Jimador’s Art Brawl event. All proceeds will benefit the Smile Design Gallery. I was pretty stoked to know one of them was picked up by none other than Crazy Legs of the legendary Rock Steady Crew! Word…







Agave Tex Mex Cantina

I recently had an opportunity to do a bunch of mural work for a new Mexican restaurant in Bridgwater, NJ called Agave Tex Mex Cantina. Mimik and myself worked in several areas including the exterior of the building, the dining and bar areas and even restroom signs. Now go get yourself some tequila and a burrito!! Check it out…

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC elan_agave_4 elan_agave_5 elan_agave_6 elan_agave_7 elan_agave_8 elan_agave_9 elan_agave_10 elan_agave_11 elan_agave_12 elan_agave_13 elan_agave_14 elan_agave_15 elan_agave_16