Old School

Back in summer of 95, Chek and I designed our first t-shirt together. It was cool to see our design on an actual t-shirt, so we were pretty geeked to be wearing. We went to our usual spot trackside to go take some flicks in front of our pieces.

As we were walking down the tracks, we spotted Sere and Crash painting the wall. They were crew, so it was all good. We wanted to show off the new shirts, so we headed their way. We were pretty far away, so we yelled out, but all they saw was two guys coming their way rocking matching blue shirts. They thought it was transit police so they took off. Sere tripped crossing the tracks and his cans went flying all over the place. Chek and I caught up, and had a good laugh. Sere was pretty happy to see it wasn’t the cops…even if we were laughing at him!