Let’s get ready to rumbleeeee!!!!!!!!

I’ll be one of the competitors in the Jersey Shore Aerosol Art Battle Against Hunger on November 13th. Should be a really cool event. Come see me and a bunch of other dope artists battle it out for a good cause. Here are the details…


Jersey Fresh Jam and Colorest Art Supplies Presents
Jersey Shore Aerosol Art Battle Against Hunger

Sunday, November 13 · 12:00pm – 5:00pm
160 Newman Springs Road, East Red Bank, NJ 07701

Sponsored by Montana Paint and Cresent Graffiti Paper

Demer VS Wallnuts, Stie FH, Klark IYA VS, Sye TC5 , Ras VS, Elan Wonder Fresh Collective, Luv One Sage Collective, 2Ils Rockswell SIC TMB, Spek BCK, Arez808 PFE-EV +more

Guest Judges: Rain VS , Dezo TC5

Showcasing Artists:
Mike Ciccotello
Will Kasso
Lee Bernardo
Mike Ciccotello

What is an Aerosol Art Battle?
A theme is given the day of the event. Then artists are given an equal amount of time to complete their art on space provided. Example, canvas, Crescent Graffiti, Paper, wood. A qualified panel of judges base the art on different criteria, lettering, concept, color, composition, originality and technique.

Black Book Battle
Open to everyone.. Bring your own Markers
Register at Noon or anytime before event at Colorest during business hours.

Crescent will provide all on-time attendees with Black Book. Colorest will be providing some art materials, although contestants are urged to bring materials such as: colored pencils, markers, paint markers etc. to compete in battle. Sharing could take away valuable time! Registration is limited!

Registrants will be given a topic to use for inspiration, they will be allowed (?) minutes to complete this piece. Then Judges will pick winner based on same criteria for Aerosol Event. If you have never competed and wants some tips take our workshop from 12-2 on Saturday 11/12 with Leon Rainbow (Judge) for tips and tricks!

What is a Black Book Battle?
Similar to the aerosol event but, instead of painting on large surfaces you draw, paint and design all on paper. Black books are a place
for artists to put down ideas, Crescent® Graffiti Paper™ is designed specifically for spray paints, acrylics and won’t dry out markers. Great place for artists to sketch or experiment anywhere inspiration strikes.