Fresh Stuff From Omen Ilad in Newark

8 thoughts on “Fresh Stuff From Omen Ilad in Newark

  1. Omeni who?

    Omenicrap is what it should say. His tags are an eyesore from Newark to the Holland. Lets be real, OMENILAD, thats’ not art, it really is crap. Therefore, from now on when you see omenilad, translate it in your mind to omeniCRAP because it makes more sense that way.


  2. You guys are a bunch of idiots. You can’t even spell your own tag name the same way twice. This crap doesn’t make any sense to anyone but you. Maybe if you stayed in school you wouldn’t waste your time on this crap. Your destiny is to lie six feet under before the age of 20. You and your gang don’t fit into society’s equation. You don’t matter, you are the lowest form of life on this planet, and you will die young. Grow up and get an education.

  3. FBI doesn’t get laid enough apparantly. Why do you even care what any one else is doing? What problems does that solve? Do we tell you what a scumbag mother fucker you are? Nah, we dont, so we dont have problems. You’re the one starting them. And you will be burried by them.

  4. Def props to omen for some of the spots your able to tag. High risk shit. But on the real…omen you’re tags been around for years and I think they’re getting worse. Again props for the places but it’s just tough to see such garbAge art all over. Take some pride in your art cause in jersey we go hard not half ass like most ur tags.

  5. I would like to know who is the person behind the art. Whenever I ride by places i see “omen” and things of that nature, and I just want to know what it means. Also I think that it is very risky to take such challenges but its adventerous in it’s own way.

    P.S. everyone just pipe dpwn… literally

  6. Of Course the postings are anonymous..and even if we did know ..We wouldn’t tell..what is up with everybody like.. where is this spot? who is such and such? how did they do that?
    If you know you are supposed to know! If you want to find out that badly, get out from behind the computer and find out!!

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