Blackbook Throwback, 97-98

I haven’t kept a traditional graffiti blackbook in years. I usually just sketch nowadays trying to evolve style, and don’t focus much on the art of using markers. Anyway, I recently found one of my old blackbooks from around 98 and thought I would post some pics. Pretty much all of my main partners from that time are in it, along with just some talented writers I knew from around the way. Check it out!

Elan, LSD

Chek & Elan, LSD

Cere & Raze, Free Agents

Chip 7, Mayhem

C-Plus, LSD

Jnub, CTA

Kemos, Free Agents

Klas, CTA

Mimik, BSK

Xide, CTA

and special appearances by…

Cope 2, KD


Echo, UW



Ease, Inkheads

Shie, Inkheads