Kasso’s Installations at "Inheritance" in Newark

This was a lot of fun to produce. I painted two interior murals for the exhibit. I kept my subject matter within the context of the shows theme. With the title of the show being INHERITANCE, I decided to paint a mural in honor of my family…since without them, I would not be producing art.

The first mural started off with an image of my late father and ended with an image of my mother.

The second mural is an image of my five year old niece looking up to the sky with the saying “REACH THE WORLD BUT TOUCH THE HOOD FIRST over top of her head. To the fair top right, a bird is flying over into the sunset.

The installation represents the last 5 years of my life; starting with the death of my father and ends with the birth of my niece(who was born two weeks before he, my father, passed). The piler that bares my niece image in positioned at the front of the gallery, so the entire mural production begins with her.

The secondary imagery within the mural is a play on my mental state during this time…a lot of confusion and emotion…with more clarity as time passes.

The entire installation took two 10 hour days to produce. I was treated with the utmost respect and hospitality from Stan and Christine Sudol, owners of Guerilla Galleries, and special thanks to Jerry’s Artist Outlet www.jerrysartistoutlet.com/, Golden acrylics www.goldenpaints.com/ and Montana Cans www.montana-cans.com/ for sponsoring my murals…an all around awesome time!

For more visuals from the show, check out Guerilla Galleries website:


-Will Kasso