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Home Sweet Home!

I love painting murals anywhere, but there is something really cool about people asking for murals in their home. Through the years, I’ve done this a bunch of time and I always happy to see people’s reactions when I’m finally done and they are looking at their own space with wonder in their eyes. Thanks to all the clients who have invited me into their home over the years. Here’s a look at of some of that work…

Marlboro, NJ

Accenture Mural

Here is a new mural I just recently completed for my friends at Accenture in Florham Park, NJ. This was a fun project and it was a long time in the making. We initially began working on this project a few months before COVID hit hard in New Jersey and the project was put on hold indefinitely. So it’s great to see that the world is taking some small steps at going back to normal, and that this mural got a chance to happen. Check it out!

Morris Museum Model Train Gallery Mural

I recently had the pleasure of working on a mural for the Morris Museum in their Model Train Gallery. We painted a 360° mural on all four of the gallery’s walls that depicts typographic lettering and illustrative landscapes including a painting of the Museum itself. The installation is named “Art, Sound and Motion” after the Museum’s mission statement of “Interpreting the past, discovering the future, through Art, Sound and Motion”.

I would like to send a big thank you to Dr. Cleveland Johnson, Ron Labaco and the entire staff at the Morris Museum, all of the generous donors including the Levitans and Andy Frish, and Leo “Mimik” Alban for the assist.

Swing by the Morris Museum and check it out next time you are in the Morristown area!

Love Over Hate

With a global pandemic changing everything, followed by a series of horrific events related to racism in our country, the world seems desperate and divided. It only felt right to paint something that could help inject a little positivity so I went with a “Love Over Hate” message. This one was inspired by my boy, the late Jerome “Cuzo” Gonzalez. I originally painted this phrase as part of his memorial mural in downtown Somerville, NJ.

This time around, I kept it simple and straightforward, but with a little style. Check it out!

Linden, NJ
Linden, NJ

Burnin’ in the Burbs Graffiti Battle!

Here are a few shots of my piece for the “Burnin’ in the Burbs” graffiti battle in Toms River, NJ. Our theme was the four elements and we had four hours to put something together. I was able to take home 2nd place!

Big shoutout to Jay Mack, Bubby’s Beanery and everyone else who helped put on such a cool event. Gotta give a big shoutout to all my fellow artists for keeping the competition tough and Mek for taking home the gold!

Toms River, NJ
Toms River, NJ

Jerome “Cuzo” Gonzalez Mural

The mural for Jerome Gonzalez in Somerville, NJ is finally done! This mural was inspired my my late friend and is composed of many different motivational phrases he shared on social media in the weeks before his passing. He was always such a positive guy and very focused and driven on helping other achieve their best. He was a long time resident of Somerville, NJ and very active in helping establish an arts program within the town. For those reasons and more, we were given an opportunity to honor him through this mural right in the heart of downtown Somerville.

I gotta give a lot of shout outs on this one…my partner on this project Leon Rainbow, the folks at Phoenix Cafe for the awesome canvas, Gallery on Main and Arts on Division for all their support, everyone who assisted on the artwork, everyone who helped raise funds and to all of Jerome’s family and friends for hanging out and sharing memories of a great dude. #cuzomural

Somerville, NJ

2021 Update

I recently went back to the wall to take care of some much needed touch ups. The wall has taken a beating the last two years and was chipping away quite a bit, so I took this opportunity to not only make sure that the mural helps Jerome’s words live on, but also created a video to help do the same. Check it out!