Vicious Styles Art Class 2014

This Graffiti Art Class (originally developed by Pose Two) was created to teach and explore the history styles and techniques of the art form called graffiti. This class will follow a similar format and be taught by members of the Vicious Styles Crew.

Instructors: Leon Rainbow, Will Kasso, Joe Base, Demer, Mek, Snow, Ras, Delve, and Surprise Guests!


Terracycle, 121 New York Ave, Trenton, NJ 08608

When: Saturdays, 9:00am – noon

Cost:  $75 1 session (pre-registered) / $20 each class (day of)

Some Supplies may be donated, we will have blackbooks markers., etc for sale on site.


Session 1: History styles and traditions
February 15-March 15, 2014
Saturdays, 10am – 11:30am

This session is an introductory lesson on graffiti writing. Within a 5-week course student will learn the basis of the history styles and traditions of Writhing. The Instructor guides the students on a virtual train ride on the past present and future of Graffiti writing. Through discussions, video, slide presentations and books students imaginations are colorfully sprayed with a rich experience

Session 2: Black book Skills / Painters Touch
March 22-April 19, 2014
Saturdays, 10am – 11:30am

This course is for students who wish to develop their lettering skills. During this session students experience intense black book sessions where they will learn color schemes, letter formations and style concepts, the second half of the session focuses on transforming black book sketches into actual burners.

Session 3: Can Control
April 26-May 24 2014
Saturdays, 9:30am – 12:30pm

This session is dedicated purely to the development of painting. Enhancing technique and style. Watch week students are expected to have a carefully drawn sketch, which they will execute on a wall under the critics and guidance of experienced Graff writers.

Call For Art JFJ Pre-Party Cantankerous Art Show

We are bringing the Cantankerous show to Trenton! It will be the pre-party for Jersey Fresh Jam 2014! If you want to participate contact me at leon.rainbow@gmail.com!!

what you need to know:

1. puncture a can, people usually do it at the bottom.

2. use the can to make art, paint, blow up, shoot at, glue a bunch together (you get the idea) it cant be too heavy cause it needs to travel.

This Traveling Show is Brought to you by Momentum Art Tech


JFJ 2014 Music Line-Up


hosted by: A.B.(Zulu Nation)

CORFU AIM DOWN (featuring Biz Mighty, Rich Quick and Skrewtape)
CERTIFIED LIFE (featuring Alert and Kass)
HAF Black
NAMEBRAND (featuring Sonic Assad and Rell Gambino)
Mr. Fickle and Venomous 2000
Black Collar Biz and Hustle Emcee
Illa Ghee & All Elements family to Illa Ghee, J-Ronin, Sav Killz & Frank Knight
John Robinson
B Davis
Wade Wilson, Liz Cisco and Ray Strife


Sketch Sessions

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted any of my sketches, which I try to do often. To be honest though, even I get tired of writing my name over and over again. So lately, I’ve started drawing out quotes or phrases that I found meaningful. It started off pretty simple and I’ve been experimenting more and more as I go along. Check out some of the work…

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.22.37 PM zig yesterday wrong united toomuch stuck step sense rules panic outlove likes legacy hiphop happily giving explain doesit devil

To see more of the sketch work, check me out on Instagram: @elanwonder

Painting at the Jam

We want to thank everyone for the interest and support for JERSEY FRESH JAM 2014! The response has been incredible and we are looking forward to the event..as of right now we do have some sponsorship opportunities available as well as vendor spots that are still open so feel free to contact us regarding these spots.

As of right now all the painting spots are filled and there just isn’t any more room for additional artists. If any spots do become available we will be inviting people to come down and rock. Painting spots are given out by invitation only.


Graffiti Reality Jam

Terracycle and Vicious Styles Crew Presents
Graffiti Reality Jam
May 17, 2014
Was Filmed for TerraCycle’s got a new show, for the Pivot Channel.  10 episodes, airing in Fall 2014. 

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