Graffiti Spaces

I’ve always been fascinated about what makes graffiti artists choose a particular spot to paint. Some times it’s about high visibility and other times it’s about safety and seclusion. Whatever the reason might be, we invade these spaces, sometimes with heavy planning and other times it could be totally spontaneous. I always felt a bit like an urban explorer. Graffiti has taken me to some pretty strange places over the years.

Back in 2010, I had spent some time thinking about all of this and decided to start a website that was less about the graffiti but the total environment of the spaces we create our art. The site was called Graffiti Spaces and was basically a person photography project of mine. It only last a year or so, but I wanted to document some of the photos I posted because there were some good ones in there.

Virtual Reality Graffiti

2020 was a really strange year in more ways than I care to remember. With so much going on in the world, I barely had time to really think about painting and struggled with finding the inspiration or energy to really get busy in the way I normally would. I guess it was time to explore some ways I wasn’t so familiar. I picked up an Oculus Quest VR headset a few months back and was browsing the app store one day and came across KingSpray by the awesome teams of developers at Infectious Ape. I was totally blown away by how well executed the experience is. They did a great job of recreating a real life graffiti simulation in virtual reality. From the way can control is pressure sensitive to how the paint goes on wet and dries quickly, it all feels very realistic. They have real world fat and skinny caps, and they even have a whole library of real colors by Ironlak. And the environments are really cool too. They have subway stations and freight yards, and alleyways and rooftops and more. All designed in great detail and with interactive tools like ladders and buckets to stand on.

Another really cool factor is that it has an online mode where you can “paint” virtually with up to four people from anywhere around the world. I’ve had a chance to paint with writers from Montreal, New Mexico, LA, China and even as far as Australia! I look forward to continue working on more walls with cool writers in the future. I would even go as far as saying this platform is a great way to practice and experiment in VR and that it could absolutely translate to better executing in real life. I could even see it as a great way to give graffiti lessons virtually.

Here are some pics of a few walls I’ve worked on recently…

TPA Front and Broad Mural ProjecT

Trenton Parking Authority commissioned Leon Rainbow to create a ground mural to beautify the sidewalk on Front and Broad St. The mural also ties in to the existing mural project Murals on Front. The Mural Depicts Iconic Trenton Scenes : The Battle Monument, The State House Dome, The Trenton Makes Bridge, and Washington Crossing The … Continue reading TPA Front and Broad Mural ProjecT

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We Are Survivors Wall – Part 3

“We Are Survivors” Mural Unveiled at North Broad and Perry Streets Leon Rainbow’s latest COVID-19 inspired installation recognizes ALL essential workers TRENTON, NJ, November 16, 2020—Trenton graffiti artist Leon “Rain” Rainbow shared his inspiration for the third mural in his  “We Are Survivors” series during an unveiling ceremony on November 12th on Perry Street at … Continue reading We Are Survivors Wall – Part 3

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We Are Survivors Wall – Part 2

“We Are Survivors” COVID-Inspired Street Art Conveys a Message of Hope and Resilience   Trenton’s acclaimed graffiti artist Leon “Rain” Rainbow responds to the coronavirus crisis with thought-provoking murals  TRENTON, NJ, August 18, 2020 — Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, graffiti artists around the world have been using their powerful form of expression to … Continue reading We Are Survivors Wall – Part 2

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We Are Survivors Wall – Part 1

When this crisis first started like many I was scared and it is uncomfortable to adjust to the necessary changes to our way of life. The #Covid19 virus crisis is like nothing I have ever experienced but I am grateful to have an outlet. #Art for me is not a hobby or a career it … Continue reading We Are Survivors Wall – Part 1

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latido del Corazon de la ciudad Mural

coLAB Arts gives thanks this year for its incredible community collaborations in New Brunswick, and its long time public art partnerships. Our resident mural artists have created exciting new installations around the city reflective of our communities, and we are excited to share them with you this week. Artist Leon Rainbow’s new mural, created in … Continue reading latido del Corazon de la ciudad Mural

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