Sueworks & Mear

Big Ups MEAR and SUEWORKS on the news for their mural on Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ

from News12…

Graffiti artists paint massive mural in Fairfield
(09/14/10) FAIRFIELD – A pair of artists are working today to complete the largest stand-alone, three-dimensional graffiti mural in the country.Graffiti artists “SUEWORKS,” of West New York, and “MEAR,” of Paterson, are completing a mural on the face of the three-story Unique Photo store in Fairfield.

The mural will be visible to drivers along Route 46.

“SUEWORKS” recently brought his art overseas to Israel, where he painted schools, bomb shelters and other buildings. Pictures of his work will be displayed in a public gallery tonight at Unique Photo.

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