Aerosol Warfare, Paterson NJ. 1994

Ahhh Yeah! Check the date, it was more than a Decade ago… Before Scribble Jam & Paint Louis, Mitch (mastermind behind “Crazy Kings” magazine) organized the 1st Graffiti-a-thon! It was a 3 day jam that set all Graffiti-Jams in motion. Aerosol Warfare was invited to come out…and here is some footage from the event. Classic footage of KAWS, CYCLE, GREEN (among others) in thier early years. Note* This footage is coming STRAIGHT from Aerosol Warfare Issue 1…so the quality of the footage/video/edits/&audio are Low. (This was created back when it was all about simply Documenting the scene that was being created.)


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