I recently was sponsored to go to London for a few days. Man, it was like hitting the lottery! A company that is related to the arts, that I have been loosely working with over the past year, asked me to be apart of a unique focus group for the development of a new product. Im not at liberty to go any further in my description due to my signing of a disclosure agreement. In any event, it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

The draw back is that I only had a few days in London, but I did have one full day to explore the sights and sounds of Europe’s “New York City”. I ate traditional foods like “fish and chips” and the “full english breakfast”…and did mostly touristy stuff like see “big ben” and “Buckingham palace”.

The following day was all work. Myself and some local graffiti artist took part in the focus group. Toward the end of the sessions, I convinced some of the higher ups to let me rock a wall at their factory. They set me up with a wall…primed and ready to go. It was on the small side…but with only a few hours to paint…ended up being the prefect size.

After I finished painting, a few of the young ladies from the office took me out for dinner and drinks…a great way to cap off a few, but exciting days abroad!

-Will Kasso

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