Home Sweet Home!

I love painting murals anywhere, but there is something really cool about people asking for murals in their home. Through the years, I’ve done this a bunch of time and I always happy to see people’s reactions when I’m finally done and they are looking at their own space with wonder in their eyes. Thanks to all the clients who have invited me into their home over the years. Here’s a look at of some of that work…

Marlboro, NJ

Peace Mural

We did some prior work for Alex Salguero on the front and inside of the building for his family and business (Classico Auto Glass). After the last commercial project, he asked me to do a mural on the side of the building. When I asked him what he wanted he said something anti-violence promoting peace. […]



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Jersey Fresh Jam 2018 Aftermath

Jersey Fresh Jam 2018 Aftermath

Official Video https://youtu.be/cLLJiE51QPA Videos https://youtu.be/q0kzMSa96f4 https://youtu.be/SDZ2iwG-6Lw https://youtu.be/NsIcNc-wI8c Press http://www.trentonian.com/arts-and-entertainment/20180811/jersey-fresh-jam-2018-shines-despite-t-storm-threat…

Jersey Fresh Jam 2017 Aftermath

Jersey Fresh Jam 2017 Aftermath

Press Willingboro singer-songwriter Sunnie lets light shine DJ Ahmad Shakir sets the tone for annual Jersey Jam Festival TerraCycle to host 12th annual Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam TerraCycle to host 12th annual Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam Blogs…

Jersey Fresh Jam 2016 Aftermath

Jersey Fresh Jam 2016 Aftermath

Videos https://youtu.be/lk4k9CGqo_c https://youtu.be/pqlDKwp3Hsk https://youtu.be/X1G_U7la3jQ https://youtu.be/UiBrGP3bDWE https://youtu.be/QxBw55IeHEU Press Asbury Park Press Trentonian Mercer Me Trenton Downtowner NJ.com Town Topics Blogs Bloved 1 Transit Blog 7th…

Jersey Fresh Jam 2015 Aftermath

Jersey Fresh Jam 2015 Aftermath

Videos https://youtu.be/VAm5eoIYqbc https://youtu.be/ebsk2U_I7Ak Press Mercer Me US1 Newspaper Trenton Downtowner Planet Trenton Trentonian Trentonian Photos Photos Lo End Theory Will Foskey Tammy Ann Duffy Photo gallery by garrettbrucephoto.com [gallery link=”file”…

Jersey Fresh Jam Featured on NJTV

http://youtu.be/hk3N–qV7W4 Terracycle Gets Annual Graffiti Makeover at Jersey Fresh Jam By Maddie Orton NJTV Arts Correspondent At Terracycle headquarters in Trenton, there’s graffiti on everything. It’s not vandalism, it’s art. And once a year, artists from all over…

Jersey Fresh Jam 2014 Aftermath

Video http://youtu.be/J05AnyBV0SM http://youtu.be/hk3N–qV7W4 http://youtu.be/UBSCBy1N2rM http://youtu.be/7GJZhrtBU-0 Photo Sets Gala Derroisne Khris Davenport Alexis Marie Designs New Trenton Store Liz Cisco NJ.com/Star Ledger/ Trenton Times Press Lo End Theory…

Jersey Fresh Jam 2013 Recap

VIDEOS http://youtu.be/DDJ7zAIF0Qw http://youtu.be/yeCePYgQ0kA http://youtu.be/uCaZyQNbp38 http://youtu.be/QhaqmP7k2uA http://youtu.be/8Fxdb–Jj84 http://youtu.be/qG1xrOT05dc http://youtu.be/ti5s004iHak http://youtu.be/XZuHTxvswq8 http://youtu.be/7mlcXan8NcM…


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Jersey Fresh Jam 2021 Flyers

Save The Date! Jersey Fresh Jam 2021August 28, 2021 Noon – 7pmSave The Date! Jersey Fresh Jam 2021August 28, 2021 Noon – 7pm

JFJ 2019 Music Line Up

Roscoe (SKOE)King Who?Patrice McBrideJason FamousDumb UglyFlea MarketHustle EmceeCiphurphaceDJ Fatha RamzeeNeek The ExoticReef The Lost Cauze

Save The Date Jersey Fresh Jam 2019

The Jersey Fresh Jam is New Jersey’s premiere Hip Hop festival. Since 2005, the event has grown from a small, humble event into one the most respected celebrations of Hip Hop culture on the east coast. At the twilight of every summer, aerosol artists from far and wide…

JFJ 2018 Music Line Up

DJ Jeweler Allah MVP Solo For Dolo DJ Fleamarket Ray Strife & Ill Omega Tina Roy (Beat Showcase) e21godofself, Divine Drummah, and Hezekiah DJ Soulbuck Killa Kellz Nujericans C-Reality Ren Thomas Stuck B


Accenture Mural

Here is a new mural I just recently completed for my friends at Accenture in Florham Park, NJ. This was a fun project and it was a long time in the making. We initially began working on this project a few months before COVID hit hard in New Jersey and the project was put on hold indefinitely. So it’s great to see that the world is taking some small steps at going back to normal, and that this mural got a chance to happen. Check it out!

No paint, no gain!

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of painting at all types of gyms, fitness centers, athletic centers and basically any type of facility related to athletics from crossfit to gymnastics to powerlifting and even home gyms! One thing is for sure, people like to get amped up while the work out (not to mention a cool wall to take some selfies in front of…haha). I thought it would be cool to take a look at all of this work in one spot, so here it is!

Iron Arena
Gym 779
Monmouth Crossfit
Urban Jungle
Diamond Gym
Journey Fitness

NJ Covid Memorial

“A Journey Forward … A Covid Remembrance” by Leon RainbowThis new street mural in the Esperanza Neighborhood in New Brunswick was created to reflect on the lives and time lost through the first year of the pandemic. Images were developed through community convening discussions around mourning rites, locally and in Central America. The street mural […]

Good Life Mural

“The Good Life” Perring Plaza, Baltimore, MD 250ft x 25ft. A celebration of Life within Baltimore and the surrounding area. Our intention is to use imagery that invokes happy memories, hanging out with friends, skating, swinging, or sticking your first wheelie on a bicycle. Infusing local iconography as well as color, shapes, and forms that […]

Klas Reunion

I’ve painted with a lot of people over the years, but always enjoy rockin’ with my long time friend, Klas! I got a lot of love for this dude cuz we hooked up in the mid-90s and partnered up for a while and worked our way up the ranks in Jersey. He always put in a ton of work though and went on to become a Jersey bombing legend and clean train monster! It was always an experience painting with this dude, whether in a yard or at a wall…talking graff, politics or pretty much anything.

That’s why it was so cool to finally get a chance to paint with him after more than 20 YEARS! We decided to go big and rock some big ol’ styled out roller pieces. Felt just like a time machine back to the 90s…a few beers and lots of laughs…or maybe it was the other way around…I can’t remember. Haha!