Garden Variety Show Lank and Luv Live Painting

garden variety lank n luv live , originally uploaded by eL hue V.

Shout out to all the dope Jerz eMCees in the building, too many to start naming.  Serious fire brought out last night tho, ‘specially in those early round freestyle chyphers.  Shout out to all the people who kept standing in front of the flood light making it impossible to see.   Lastly shout to Kasso for hosting the show! Rest in Power Mr. Gil Scott Heron and thank you for all you did!

dopest roll call
ol dirt mcgirt


I recently completed this mural as part of my guest teaching in an after-school art class at a local high school. I have since worked with the students to practice their spray painting skills and compose sketches in preparation for the murals they will collaboratively paint next to mine. Weather permitting, they will start painting tomorrow. They have some great ideas, and I’ve been blown away by their ability to talk about their drawings and work cooperatively in small groups to design their walls, so I’m very excited to see their murals!



spray paint and acrylic on canvass
72″ x 45″

A friend of mine commissioned this painting. She requested that I incorporate an image of Ganesha and paper cranes into the painting. We bounced ideas off of each other throughout the designing process and we are both pleased with the outcome. I’m grateful to her for her enthusiasm, patience, insights, and support!


Return of the BBOY BBQ!

This years theme is “Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun!”
48th and Westminister, West Philly
Saturday June 11th, 8am-8pm

On Saturday, June 11th, 2011 we will be hosting the 10th Annual B-Boy BBQ in Philly. Since it’s inception in 1997, POSE 2, has taken this event from a local hip-hop gathering to the caliber of a world class cultural event. This yearly experience continues to grow bigger and better each year attracting individuals from California, New York, Japan, Europe and Australia. It is an oppurtunity for people of all walks of life to exper…ience all aspects of hip-hop culture from graffiti to breakdancing, emceeing and deejaying. Every year there is influx of 400-500 people of all races and ethnicities to the site of the B-Boy BBQ where they can witness local, national and internationally renowned artists in action and shop the nearly 100 vendors selling everything from spraypaint and clothing to food and face painting. This event is in the tradition of Rock Steady Day, Meeting of Styles and other large scale hip-hop events.



Howling Wolf and Medicine Man

Howling Wolf and Medicine Man, originally uploaded by eL hue V.

Painted when it wasn’t raining over the past couple of days with Aja at my spot in Flemington in the parking lot off main street.  The passerbyers were 100% on board luving it.  People flexing thier Native American History knowledge, a lady who collects wolf figurines, who originally told me “I collect wolves!”  I said “That sounds dangerous.” Men working on refurbishing old buildings out there in and out of rain with us, having their lunch break watching us.  It was one of those walls where the process is as enjoyable as the outcome.  Aja’s Crow Medicine Man is her first stencil and is now protecting the wall.  My howling wolf, which I orginally had a referance for and was going to try and go all photoreal on, turned out to be a bit on the free because during one of the downpoars I ran for cover, grabbing my camera only, and the referance got ruined.  The whole wall is a mixture of brushes, rollers, and spray.

check the video…njoy – LUV1

Aja Washington