¡Viva Cuba Libre!

As a Cuban American who is very proud of his roots, it is an exciting moment for our people. Although the death of Fidel Castro will not bring any big changes for the Cuban people, it is the end of his infamous legacy. One that oppressed and killed anyone that dared to even think about getting in his way of ahead of his agenda. We have a long way to go before the island is liberated, but we are one step closer. ¡Que viva Cuba libre!


Carrie Fisher, rest in peace…

Damn, another childhood staple taken away this year. I just watched Star Wars Rogue One and it ends with a short cameo by Princess Leia. As I am walking out of the theater I hear of the passing of Carrie Fisher. Sad moment. In any case, I had to do a little drawing to honor a character (and the actress that brought her to life) that was such a big part of my youth. Rest in peace.


El Jimador Art Brawl

I was a contestant in El Jimador’s Art Brawl, an event sponsored by El Jimador tequila where six artists battle it out for prizes. I was fortunate enough to win 2nd place behind Dinkc from Brooklyn. Had a great time hanging with old friends and making some new ones. Big shout out to all the other artists and everyone who showed up and threw a few votes my way. Here are a few pics from the event. But before I do, just a few more shout outs!




artbrawl_elanwonder_web elanwonder_diadelosmuertos_web img_0207 img_0225 img_0234 img_0235 jw_l0633 jw_l0660 jw_l0697 jw_l0731 jw_l0770 jw_l0800 jw_l0805 jw_l0834 jw_l0845 jw_l0858 jw_l0867 jw_l0904 jw_l0917 jw_l0933 jw_l0950 jw_l0988 jw_l1036 jw_l1053 jw_l1081 jw_l1104 jw_l1106 jw_l1125 jw_l1134 jw_l1222 jw_l1259 jw_l1264 jw_l1279 jw_l1282 jw_l1296 jw_l1354 jw_l1355 jw_l1356 jw_l1374 jw_l1410 jw_l1412 jw_l1434 jw_l1464 jw_l1491 jw_l1493 jw_l1498 jw_l1499 jw_l1509 jw_l1511 jw_l1525 jw_l1536 jw_l1539 jw_l1546 jw_l1548 jw_l1559 jw_l1564 jw_l1567 jw_l1591 jw_l1595 jw_l1596

Day of the Dead Skulls

These are a few skulls I painted recently for an auction to be sold at El Jimador’s Art Brawl event. All proceeds will benefit the Smile Design Gallery. I was pretty stoked to know one of them was picked up by none other than Crazy Legs of the legendary Rock Steady Crew! Word…